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The Adventures of Tintin – Movie Review

When I first heard about TINTIN, I thought the guy I was talking to mispronounced it and wanted to say “Rin Tin Tin.” I corrected him twice and he said, “NO, I mean Tintin“. I had no clue who Tintin was until I saw a giant Billboard in Studio City – Ahhhh! It’s Tim and Strupi (as I know the characters in the German version). Sure, I know Tim and Strupi, I mean Tintin. I didn’t pay much attention to the movie ads (but recognized the cute dog:) until I got my free tickets (a perk!) from Klout. PackPeople shares its influence about dogs on Klout and we got a nice gift box. I decided to watch it with my friend and PackPeople partner Rufino, and invited Peter and David as well to our 3D adventure event last week.

In a nutshell: Intrepid, young, curious reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell, from Billy Elliot) and his cute loyal companion dog Snowy (a white Fox Terrier) discover a model ship of the Unicorn, which carries valuable secrets. Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock travel half the world to unravel the mystery of the Unicorn. Chased by the pirate Red Rackham; TinTin, his dog and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock’s ancestor.


Yurda: I have to admit the movie was an awesome ride, humorous, fascinating and thrilling. This animated movie from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson is based on the characters created in 1929 by Belgian illustrator Hergé. I loved the music and my most favorite scene was “The Opera Scene”:) It’s definitely not just a movie for kids and feels like a you are in a video game.

Rufino: Completely enjoyed myself, and the family can, too — taking note of two things: it’s a bit light on plot and heavier on extravagant set pieces, and there is some violence to be seen (characters do engage in battle, and a few bullets do make their target). For adults, this is not as layered an experience as, say, The Incredibles or Wall-E, but as a thrill ride Tintin does its job with energy and precision. And as a dog lover, I found the most compelling character to be Snowy, Tintin’s clever Terrier. While gifted with seemingly human reason, Snowy moves and acts like a real dog, whether jumping from racing vehicles, outwitting evil henchmen or wandering through a Paris flea market.


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