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PackPeople’s Top 10 Interviews in 2011

The year is almost over and Rufino and I have had unbelievably interesting, funny, informative, serious and educational interviews since May 2011, a series we started to address the lack of information available to the public, as well as to honor the work of the rescue groups and non-profits dedicating their time and passion to helping animals. We also shared information about artists, pet business owners and some really unique pet-related business ideas.

All in all it has been a great year – and we are very fortunate and happy to say that we’re supporting animal welfare and doing what we love. We want to thank everyone who took part in our interviews, whether written, on the phone or via video. It’s a great pleasure to have met and shared time with you all! ~ Yurda & Rufino.

Let’s look back and reflect:

  • 44 Audio Interviews
  •   9 Video Interviews
  •   6 Written Interviews
A total of 58 Interviews in 8 months. Our first interview was with the French Bulldog Rescue Network and our last one for this year was with Dogs 4 the PAWS.
Rated by the Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Facebook shares on social media platforms these are your top 10 Interviews:
  1. Rescuing Dogs from Lab Research – Interview with Beagle Freedom Project’s Gary Smith
  2. Grey Muzzle Dog Rescue 
  3. Rescue Chocolate 
  4. Pit Bull Rescue Central
  5. Dogs Deserve Better
  6. Pet Portraits Artist Ashley
  7. French Bulldog Rescue Network
  8. Chako Pit Bull Rescue
  9. Downtown Dog Rescue
  10. Pets for Patriots
Here is the full list of all interviews: May – December 2011 ~ Enjoy!
We want to thank Soundcloud for their great support in 2011. This awesome podcasting tool and their user-friendly interface made our work easy and effective. Thumbs up for Soundcloud!

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