Adoption Interviews on Shelter Animals

HALT Arizona is looking for Volunteers. Interview with Lotti from Help Animals Lives Today Rescue.

HALT rescues and shelters unwanted, homeless and abused animals, provides animals with needed medical treatment, finds them homes locally or transports them to no-kill adoption centers in other areas.

We had a great time interviewing and learning from Lotti Benker. We’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and projects in helping animals.

Help Animals Lives Today – A non – profit Organization located in Kingman, Arizona.

Interviewee: Lotti Benker (Founder) / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (packpeople)

Please check out this highly interesting audio interview here:
HALTAZInterview by PackPeople

Lotti is in need of volunteers to transport animals. They need drivers, so please help if you live in the area and are willing to volunteer your time. Lotti is located in Kingman, Arizona 86409. Please call Lotti: (928) 692-8940 or contact her via E-Mail:

Check the upcoming events of HALT:

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