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The Big Misunderstanding about Pit Bulls – Interview with Rachele from Chako Pit Bull Rescue

Chako Pit Bull Rescue is a 503 (c) non profit organization which aims to alleviate the persecution of the Pit Bull breeds by finding homes for Pit Bulls in need, promoting responsible dog ownership, and standing against breed discrimination. The Pit Bull rescue is based in Sacramento, California. Chako Pit Bull Rescue provides advocacy efforts for responsible dog owners, free and low cost Pit Bull classes, and educational events throughout the year.

We had a great time interviewing and learning from the Social Media Coordinator Rachele, and we’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and insights in helping Pit Bulls and educating people.

Chako Pit Bull Rescue –

Twitter: @chako_org

Facebook: Chako Pit Bull Advocacy and Rescue

Interviewee: Rachele / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Please check out this wonderful audio interview here:
Audio interview with CHAKO Dog Rescue – Pit Bulls rule! by PackPeople

Rachele recommended following websites:

Pawsitive Attention Pet Care Services –, which includes a “Resources Tab” with several useful links, including:

Dog Food Analysis –

Feline Nutrition –

CHAKO on Google+
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I just wanted to thank Pack People for allowing us the opportunity to share our love of Pit Bulls with your followers. We need as much positive press as we can get, and I had a lot of fun doing this interview!

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