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Our dog adoptions increased 70% – Interview with Ingrid from Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by David Roe. This organization, which runs one of the biggest private shelter facilities in existence with 90 dogs, continually saves the lives of dogs and adopts them out to loving homes – over 2000 dogs have found homes through PCDR. We had a great time interviewing Ingrid Hurel, Adoption Coordinator of Pacific Coast Dog Rescue and we’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and insights of her work in helping dogs and people to find the right match.

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, organization located in Burbank – Los Angeles

Interviewee: Ingrid Hurel / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Please check out the video interview here:

Websites Ingrid would like to mention are:

Blue Dog Ranch – Dog Boarding, Daycare, & Training Facility –

Pit Bull Rescue Central –

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4 replies on “Our dog adoptions increased 70% – Interview with Ingrid from Pacific Coast Dog Rescue”

I am an avid dog lover who has always taken the best care of my pets (I actually wanted to be a vet). There was a dog on your site that I immediately fell in love with called Olivia.
I called Pacific Coast Dog Rescue to inquire everything that was needed to try and adopt Olivia. I was ‘greeted’ by an extremely rude woman named Ingrid who came across as if I were an animal hater; she was disrespectful and downright rude. However, I rose above it and politely inquired what was needed from me to begin the adoption process.
So I immediately followed her instructions by submitting my application along with a letter from my landlord confirming that I was permitted to adopt a dog and that my home was the ideal home for a dog her size.
I anxiously waited for Ingrid’s response as she instructed me to do. The wait become unbearable because the longer time passed, the less of a chance I would have adopting Olivia since other candidates that were interested in adopting her could beat me to the punch and adopt her.
So I decided to call the Rescue Shelter to follow up and inquire when I could make an appointment to visit the shelter and meet the lovely dog I was looking to adopt. Unfortunately, Ingrid answered the phone, even more unpleasant than our last conversation. She abruptly told me it wasn’t a good time (10:00am and that she would get back tome by the end of the day). Needless to say, I waited for her call all day which never came.
She comes across as a person who could care less about finding these orphans a home. I am the perfect candidate as I live alone in a home with a large fenced-in yard on a quiet street very close to a dog park.
There are so many animals who desperately need a loving home which is why I felt it extremely necessary to write this. Judging from the countless negative reviews about Ingrid on Yelp, I am clearly not the only person who was treated so disrespectfully and unprofessionally. Ingrid should definitely consider pursuing a job in another field as she comes across as if she despises her job. I’m also speaking for all the orphaned animals that so desperately need and want to be in a loving environment.
Eric Thigpen

I echo Eric’s comment about Ingrid. I just had a similar experience with her today. After I emailed an inquiry for adopting two dogs, she responded with an objection to our home’s suitability because we have cats. When I replied that we could keep the dogs separated from the cats, she responded with an insult – saying that we are not treating our animals as they’re a part of our family. I explained to her that was unnecessary and inappropriate, and she made a lengthy, reply about her unmatched dedication to dogs and expertise. Basically, no one is as well suited to care for dogs than she is… And my family & home, to her, doesn’t measure up. I think she, and thus her organization, may be losing sight of their objective – to procure good homes for these pets. Is their kennel facility a better home than my home or yours? Ingrid is there, so to her it probably is. I find her lack of objectivity & condescending judgment terribly offensive. I hope that her attitudes & communication toward potential adopters are not an example of most rescue caregivers. Our experience with her today was very discouraging.

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