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Today is Pit Bull Appreciation Day

Appreciation of a loving home – RED after 3 months.

Our new family member Red is still adapting to all the new things in his teenager life. He had a lot of “first-time” moments and has done, mostly, a great job. I’m very glad that we could give him the chance to show what a great dog he is. Red (short for “Ready”) is just a cute goof ball with a medium energy level, and his friendly, eager-to-please and calm personality makes it very easy to work with him and to meet new people. Since he is an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, I’ve heard a lot of weird comments like: “You don’t look like a typical Pit Bull owner” or “He seems to be nice” or “Does he fight?” or “Do you keep him in the backyard? He is big I’m sure he eats a lot” or “I heard Pit Bulls turn vicious after 3 years of age”… I’m collecting the best ones and will publish a Best Of Pit Bull Comments of Smart:) People List in a couple of months. I generally let these people know to check out PackPeople’s blog posts and interviews about Pit Bulls to get a truer idea of the breed and to have a better understanding for these excellent family companions – even if I want to give them a long speech, I just leave with a smile and my PackPeople suggestion. Please send me the weird comments you have ever heard about Pit Bulls – and be a part of my upcoming e-book!

Lilly and Red became best friends in just a couple days and they get along very well. Every day they chase each other in the backyard and play gently (Samson just ignores him and is not very interested). The only issue we are working with Red is his over-excitement with other dogs and new animal species like mean squirrels. After one month of Red’s adoption, we took him to our first walk in a public park with other on-leash dogs and realized that he is not ready to meet other new dogs up close. I had known Red from the shelter where I used to work – and I never realized that he got anxious around other dogs. He was living next door with other male/female dogs and never had problems or any signs of anxiety. Our walk was filled with shaking and screaming (Red can scream like a pig). I decided to work on the issue and we never leave the house without our pouch of treats. With the method of distracting him early enough before he even sees the object of excitement, and catching his attention with fun things to do, like playing ball and working on his obedience skills, he is getting much better and has stopped jumping, pulling and screaming. He is not yet ready to attend the agility and good citizen certification classes I want him to join with Lilly in the future, but he will I’m sure.

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Adoption Breeds Interviews on Non - Profits Pet Care Pit Bulls Shelter Animals

70% are Pit Bulls in animal shelters – Audio Interview with PBRC – Teal Erickson

Founded in 1996, Pit Bull Rescue Central has created more than an informational website; it’s a virtual shelter and resource for owners and caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes. Pit Bull Rescue Central envisions a compassionate world where pit bulls and pit bull mixes reside in responsible, loving homes and where their honor and positive image is restored and preserved. PBRC provides tons of information about the breed and pitbull education.

We had a great time interviewing and learning from PBRC Adoption Coordinator Teal Erickson, and we’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and insights in helping dogs find loving homes and educating people.

Pit Bull Rescue Central  –

Twitter: @PBRCtweets

Facebook: Pit Bull Rescue Central

Interviewee: Teal Erickson / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Please check out this wonderful audio interview here:
PBRC by PackPeople has great websites and links listed; Teal also would like to draw attention to

Collar Mania  –

Ella’s Lead  –

Paco Collars –

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Misconception about Pit Bulls

Adoption Breeds Interviews on Non - Profits Shelter Animals

The Big Misunderstanding about Pit Bulls – Interview with Rachele from Chako Pit Bull Rescue

Chako Pit Bull Rescue is a 503 (c) non profit organization which aims to alleviate the persecution of the Pit Bull breeds by finding homes for Pit Bulls in need, promoting responsible dog ownership, and standing against breed discrimination. The Pit Bull rescue is based in Sacramento, California. Chako Pit Bull Rescue provides advocacy efforts for responsible dog owners, free and low cost Pit Bull classes, and educational events throughout the year.

We had a great time interviewing and learning from the Social Media Coordinator Rachele, and we’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and insights in helping Pit Bulls and educating people.

Chako Pit Bull Rescue –

Twitter: @chako_org

Facebook: Chako Pit Bull Advocacy and Rescue

Interviewee: Rachele / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Please check out this wonderful audio interview here:
Audio interview with CHAKO Dog Rescue – Pit Bulls rule! by PackPeople

Rachele recommended following websites:

Pawsitive Attention Pet Care Services –, which includes a “Resources Tab” with several useful links, including:

Dog Food Analysis –

Feline Nutrition –

CHAKO on Google+
Spreading the word can help save lives! If you liked the interview please share it with your community by clicking the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of this article or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!

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Adoption Pet Care

We adopted! A new family member moved in.

People in the park: Wow, are all 3 dogs are yours?

Me: YES (with a big smile)!

People in the park: They are cute.

Me: Thank you!

Throughout my work at the Dog Rescue (Pacific Coast Dog Rescue) in Burbank, Los Angeles, I met RED. A red brindle American Staffordshire Terrier Mix of the age of 2.

He caught my attention from day 1. His muscular body, his cute face and his wonderful friendly, mellow character made me become a fan and he was one of my favorites right away.

I was thinking for over a year to add a new dog to our current 2 dogs, Lilly (2) and Samson (10) and was always checking pet adoption databases for the perfect fit. I wanted a dog who fits into our lifestyle, is obviously dog- and people-friendly, low in maintenance and a perfect friend. I do not care about the age, the gender, the size or the color. After convincing my husband David to expand the family I kept my eyes open, but was not in a hurry. I always saw RED at the rescue place in his run and I was watching him and how he was responding to his environment. I knew right away, THIS IS A GREAT BIG DOG. My sympathy turned to a friendship when I started to walk him after work around the Blocks. I was surprised that he was well behaved and responding very nicely to my commands.

I asked our Adoption Manager and she welcomed my idea to adopt RED. Due to the fact that we already had 2 dogs we had to consider some facts and go through the process step by step. Samson got old and he is not thrilled about young dogs, especially if they push him or bother him with their playful attitude. He is at the point where he wants his peace and space and I knew it would not be easy to place a young dog with an old dog. As for Lilly, she is always looking to do silly things or for other dogs to play with. She couldn’t animate Samson anymore to play with her. He just turns around and moves to his favorite sleeping place.

After walking RED almost 3 times a week, I started bonding with him. I applied for him and we officially started to integrate him to our family. It was important to introduce the dogs to each other slowly a couple of times, on walks without any body contact, to make sure they felt safe, comfortable and happy around each other. First, we took Samson and Red for walks, then we introduced Lilly later. We were sure Red and Lilly would not have any problems and we were right! The next step was to introduce Red to our environment at home; he visited us 3 times before he officially moved in. With the support of the Adoption Manager, Ingrid Hurel, and the trainer and founder of Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, David Roe, we succeeded in making the dogs feel comfortable around each other. Just to make sure that old grandpa Samson will not clash with the playful teenager Red we put baby gates between Red’s new room where we placed his crate and Samson’s living space at home. We didn’t hurry and we didn’t push the dogs at all. We took 2 months to place Red in our home and now I can say: THIS IS THE PERFECT DOG for our family.

He is adjusting perfectly and he is open to and curious about all new things, every day. We try to don’t overwhelm him with too many new things and we try to be calm, relaxed but assertive. We stick to his training plan and work with him twice every day for 15 minutes. We set boundaries and limitations to make sure he feels safe and happy.

He is doing much better with his anxiety issues (he talks:)), he got used to car rides in a week, he plays with Lilly very gently, and he is doing pretty well next to Samson, being very good on the leash on his walks. His daily routine helps him to stay calm and happy. He smiles and his tail never stops.

Welcome RED at home.

I will keep you updated about his progress.