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In need of financial donations – Interview with Michigan Animal Adoption Network

MI-AAN includes The Michigan Animal Adoption Network (M.A.A.N.) and the The Animal Care Network (can). MI-AAN is dedicated to animal care, rescue and adoption in the Metro Detroit area. The Animal Care Network (ACN) is a dedicated group of volunteers providing care and assistance to pet owners in low-income areas in suburban Wayne and Oakland counties.

Founded: 1994


Interviewee: Pam Porteous – Animal Care Network Manager

How did your adventure in dog rescue begin?

When did this cause first become important to you? Driving through the streets of a poverty stricken community and witnessing stray dogs and cats, witnessing dogs chained in backyards with no shelter that looked lonely and skinny.

What fascinates you about dogs and cats?

The incredible devotion to humans, the loyalty and ability to forgive.

Let’s talk about The Michigan Animal Adoption Network (M.A.A.N.). It’s a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to animal care, rescue and adoption in the Metro Detroit area. The Animal Adoption Network’s adoption program is dedicated to finding new homes for displaced dogs and cats.

Approximately how many dogs do you currently have listed on your website? 8

Approximately how many dogs have been adopted through MI-ANN? Over 6,000

How do you find these dogs – do you rescue them or do people contact your organization directly?

A combination of both. We have an adoption program and also a street rescue program

What do you think are some of the more common reasons people give their pets away, or just stop caring about them?

At this time the declining economy is horrible in Michigan. Families are losing their homes and having to give up their pets, something they never thought would happen to them. It is heartbreaking.

Why do you think is adoption important and why should people adopt from a rescue group?

Adoption is important because the majority of rescue groups will only adopt out dogs and cats that are already spayed and neutered.

Do you have any ideas as to what should change, by law, to decline the overpopulation of dogs and cats in the U.S.? More low cost spay and neuter programs.

Let’s talk about The Animal Care Network – a dedicated group of volunteers who spend weekdays and weekends in low-income areas in suburban Wayne and Oakland counties, providing care and assistance to pet owners.

What kind of services and opportunities do you offer to your volunteers?

The Animal Care Network does not have an actual shelter or office, so our volunteer services are limited. We accept volunteers for our vaccination

clinics, fundraisers, adoption events, foster homes and pre-approved street team.

How many volunteers do you have currently supporting you?

30 regular volunteers

90 volunteers for vaccination clinic

Can you describe a rescue experience that has particularly moved or inspired you?

Recently the team rescuing a pitbull puppy from a horrible situation, and the team leader adopting the puppy, photo attached.

What are the biggest challenges your organization faces?

Financial donations, we are a small organization that does huge, gigantic, amazing work. We make change and make things happen to benefit dogs

and cats in our target area.

What do you need the most for your mission – and how can people get involved?

Financial donations.

What kinds of things do you do to raise awareness about your organization?

We use the media to promote issues and alert the community regarding parvo, weather alerts, extreme heat, extreme cold and many other issues.

Check our website for dozens of newspaper and television pieces.

If you could give pet owners one piece of advice what would it be?

Spay and neuter your pet.

What advice can you give to someone who might be wanting to get involved with or start an animal rescue group, shelter, or sanctuary?

Start with advocating spay and neuter, the only solution to homeless animals and overpopulation.

What keeps you going?

Rescuing dogs and cats in bad situations and getting them into Good situations! Every single time our team goes out, we encounter a dog or cat that

was waiting for us, that really truly needed the Animal Care Network.

Do you have pets of your own?

We all have our rescue dogs and cats.

Do you have any upcoming events you want to share with our PackPeople community?

Pontiac vaccination clinic, Saturday October 8, 2011 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Centerstage, 536 N Perry, Pontiac 48342

10.00 per animal

Which websites or pet related links would you recommend to PackPeople?

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