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Biscuits for Snake – "Dog Approved" Recipe

Selfmade dog biscuits

Recipe and article by Aubrie Kavanaugh
We recently interviewed Aubrie, it’s a great and very informative audio. Check out Aubries audio interview about Animal Welfare here!

The biscuit story: In November of 2002, our vet told us that our German Shepherd mix, Snake, had about 6 months to go and then we’d have to put her down. She had a degenerative spine condition and it was becoming harder for her to walk. We were devestated. We did what any responsible dog caregivers would do; we overreacted. We bought her a new orthopedic bed suitable for a child, my husband build a ramp so she could get in and out of the house without using stairs and we become very careful about her weight and keeping her up and walking multiple times a day.


Not quite three years later, we knew we were getting close. Snake’s quality of life was still good but she was slowing down and we knew our time with her was limited. My husband, who has his own woodworking shop, decided to build her a casket. Some might consider that morbid but for him, it was a labor of love and a way of coping. He spent months in his workshop, making a casket that was (again) suitable for a child. One day we were talking about what we would bury with her when the time came: her Frisbee, her hand made Christmas stocking, her dishes.

I hadn’t done anything to help with her casket so in an effort to contribute, I told my husband that I wanted to make her some home made dog biscuits and put them in an airtight container to put in her casket. My husband looked at me, tilted his head a bit and said, “Babe, she’s not Egyptian, you know.” We shared a good laugh over that subject but I did start making home made dog biscuits as a result of that conversation.

We let Snakey go on Earth Day of 2006 and I’ve continued to bake not only for our remaining dog, but to share treats with folks who have helped me along the way. These biscuits smell better than they taste but they are suitable for human consumption if you ever got stuck in a blizzard or something….I’ve never had a canine complain about them and I’ve been told that some actually dance for them.

Download Aubrie’s cookie recipe and make your dog laugh. It’s free and fun to bake. If you liked the recipe please share it with your friends and please also share your recipes with our community – send your Email to

That’s what my dogs said when the cookies arrived today, droool.

Get the recipe here.

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