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Food, Water, Shelter, Care and Love – Video Interview with Erica from PEP!

PEP! The Pet Education Project was founded in 2009 in Louisiana by Erica Callais. This education and outreach program visits schools and youth organizations to teach the importance of responsible pet ownership and other topics regarding animal and environmental awareness. PEP! also supports pet owners through pet food drives and other projects.

PEP! incorporates a variety of games, trivia, and prizes to make PEP Talks memorable and fun. Therapy animals are available to be present if allowed. PEP! also offers contests and competitions throughout the year to further engage students in materials covered during their time outside of the classroom. PEP’s method has proven to be an enjoyable time for teachers and students alike. Since March of 2009 PEP! has spoken to over 7,000 kids across North West Louisiana!

We had a great time interviewing Erica, a passionate animal lover and educator. She shared with us her projects, events and how The Pet Education Project’s school program  works.

Interviewee: Erica Callais / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Pet Education Project


Twitter: @EricaCallais

Facebook: Pet Education Project (PEP!)

Websites Erica mentioned are:

Spay Day –
Petfinder –
Pet Education –
PackPeople (YAY) –
KSCL –  for PEP Talk on the Radio, streamed live on Saturdays, 10am – 11am (Central)

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