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"We're a sanctuary for life." – Interview with Animal Rescue Inc.

Animal Rescue was founded in 1976, by Grace Froelich as a result of being given the alternative to either give up her beloved cat or face eviction. Grace’s philosophy is that an animal who is a companion pet is a member of the family, and deserves the same respect and considerations. Animal Rescue, Inc. services the greater Baltimore, MD – York, PA area and is a “shelter for life” for stray and abandoned animals who are waiting for a home, even if they never find one.

Animal Rescue also promotes spay/neuter programs and operates a Crisis Intervention Program which keeps the human/animal bond intact by providing assistance to the elderly, sick, and the infirm.

Animal Rescue, Inc. consists of two locations: A cattery in the Putty Hill area of Baltimore MD, and a 33-acre farm located in PA.

We had a great time interviewing Olivia, the Media Manager & Administrator of Animal Rescue Inc., a passionate animal lover, an activist and an educator. She shared with us her insights and we learned a lot from her. Thank you, Olivia.

Interviewee: Olivia J. Rebert / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Check out the audio interview here and enjoy:
Animal Rescue Inc. Interview by PackPeople

Animal Rescue Inc.


Twitter: @AnimalRescueInc

Facebook: Animal Rescue Incorparated

Websites Olivia would like to mention are:

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