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Why Dog and Cat Adoption?

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Adoption is the right thing to do! You’ve decided to welcome a new dog to your household and family. Great idea. You can find the perfect dog in one of the local animal shelters, pet rescue organizations or humane society groups close to you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a purebred, puppy, adult or old dog – we are sure you’ll find the right match if you want. Rescue organizations are doing awesome work in providing information and step-by-step adoption. Just remember that it takes time before your dog will move into your life, so be patient.

  • Save an innocent life and help an animal shelter, SPCA, or dog or cat rescue save a life.
  • If you adopt from an animal shelter, you’re making room for another dog.

Visit local pet fairs or adoption events, talk to the volunteers and let them guide you through the available dogs. If you are looking for a particular breed, let the rescues know and do your research. Many rescues already have obedience- and crate-trained dogs available – or have dogs in foster homes – and they know exactly the temperament and disposition of these animals. Most of the pets waiting for a new home in a pet shelter are wonderful companions who became the victims of family tragedy, unlucky circumstances or just plain irresponsible owners. Give a new home and add a lifetime companion to your family. Many dogs are scared and frightened in being in animal shelters and might sit in the back of their runs and won’t show positive reaction to you. They are not used to the noise, other dogs, the people around them and the totally new environment. They need time to adjust, give these dogs a chance too. Our FREE E-Book will help guide you through the process of becoming a dog owner and explores many necessary Do’s and Dont’s.

There are various of databases with thousands of adoptable dogs and cats updated every day, but the most well-known are and We also recommend the websites of your local animal shelters and the animal rescues.

Have fun… and find your new pet!

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