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Gentle Giant Bubba's knees – Please help fundraise for his surgery costs

We need close to $7000 to save Bubba’s life. Fundraising Campaign link:–s-Knee-Surgery

Why? Because he is the product of one of the countless backyard breeders in South Central Los Angeles and needs surgery on his knees. Why? Because these backyard breeders sell litter after litter of poorly bred puppies for a couple of hundred bucks. Why? Because they don’t care where the dogs go, they don’t care, if the dogs are healthy. This is where Bubba probably came from: A filthy backyard, his mom a breeding machine, maybe living on a chain, without shelter. Bubba was probably sold cheap or just dumped in the streets and ended up in one of the highest kill shelters in Los Angeles. But he was not euthanized, he was adopted by a couple. Well, Bubba was scared and confused and the couple couldn’t deal with his trauma. So they brought him to us, to get trained and to find a home for him. That is done now.

Bubba has completed his obedience training, he is a very happy boy. There is also a lovely couple waiting to adopt Bubba, but it’s not that simple: Both of Bubba’s hind knees are completely messed up. Bubba has been evaluated by two different specialist who confirmed, that his knee caps are completely out of place and this is caused by bad breeding. He can’t even stretch his legs straight and it will become very painful over time. So, Bubba, who was probably sold for a couple of hundred dollars, then dumped in the shelter to die, then saved and trained, might have to suffer now and become a crippled dog, IF we can not raise the money for his surgery. His knees are so bad, that both specialist have predicted for him to not be able to walk within a couple of years UNLESS HE RECEIVES THE SURGERY. And Bubba is not even 2 years old!
Bubba’s favourite activities are: GIVING KISSES, rolling in the grass, snoozing on a soft dog pillow and playtime in the park. He is a very handsome, loving dog and has come a long way. He has won the hearts of everybody at our rescue and he charms all the ladies!

Watch Bubba’s videos:

Fundraising for Bubba from Yurda Henzel on Vimeo.

Bubba’s Introduction with Ingrid from Yurda Henzel on Vimeo.

Please help Bubba! Reality is, that without the surgery, he will not only be crippled but nobody will want to adopt him.
Every dollar will help Bubba to have a chance at a life without pain and a chance to live a normal, happy dog life!

We created a fundraising campaign for Bubba on and we want to urge everybody to spread the word and donate for Bubba’s knee surgeries. His first surgery appointment is scheduled 18th, August 2011 the campaign will run till 31st of August 2011. Please help us to help Bubba, thank you so much.

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