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Maxine – The Pit Bull ~ she never had a home

Maxine was waiting 7 years for a forever home

This is in Maxine’s honor, who waited for her forever home for 7 years and died without it. Please take 7 minutes to honor her memory by reading her story:

Maxine was NOT one of the approx. 1200 Pit Bulls who die in the 12 government shelters in Los Angeles County EVERY WEEK. But she was one of the thousands, who sit in boarding facilities for years and she was one of the many who died in a boarding facility without ever having a home of her own. Maxine suffered from a rare auto-immune dysfunction. She was taken to one of the best (if not THE best) specialists in Los Angeles back in June 2011, when she had some strange pussy sores suddenly appear on her front paws. The specialist treated her with IV-fluids, cleaning of the sores, antibiotics and even laser treatment. Maxine recovered but never fully. Our spunky, feisty, sweet girl, stayed quiet and reserved. But we tried to make ourselves believe, that she was just getting older and had to recover from the illness.

Maxine's "For Adoption" picture

Maxine came to us as a very young dog, almost a puppy. She was found in a rough part of Los Angeles, absolutely terrified of everything and everybody. It took her a while, to settle in and start trusting. But she eventually did and everybody that knew Maxine, LOVED Maxine. Even our handyman, who most dogs meet with suspicion was one of Maxine’s best friend. So, if everybody who knew Maxine loved her, WHY did no one ever adopt her? Well, that is a mystery to us too. But we do know, the statistics, we do know that shelters are over-full with Pit Bulls, we do know, that the nice families usually want Labradors and not Pit Bulls or Pit mixes. We do know, that even though, Maxine was so very pretty to us, the general public did not see her beauty. We do know, that even her sweet kisses and lovely face did not make people give her a chance. We do know, that our hearts broke every time, she looked at us, longing to go to her own home, all we could tell her, was not to give up. And she didn’t. She stayed strong until the end. And the end was on a warm August evening in 2011. Two days prior, sweet Maxine developed those strange, puss filled sores on her feet again. We rushed her to the specialist, who immediately put her on IV-fluids.Because the scores had developed within just a couple of days together with a 106 Degrees Fever, almost 3 months after the initial appearance and treatment and her extensive blood-panel had come back clean, it was bad news. We were recommended to let her go and not put her through anymore, as it was predicted, that this would happen over and over again and get worse every time. So, with a heavy heart, we agreed and one of Maxine’s favourite care-takers, Lisa and one of her close friends, came to be with her during her last moments.

Maxine's last day

Maxine went for a nice little walk, during which we could tell how exhausting everything was to her, as her heart was beating heavily. Maxine smelled the grass for the last time, marked some spots and then we were on our way back to the hospital, to help her cross the rainbow-bridge. We tried to stay cheerful for Maxine, when really both of us, had tears close by. We spent some more time, in the courtyard of the hospital on a soft blanket, feeding Maxine hamburger paddies. She loved it. We didn’t want to let go. We were trying to bargain. Find another solution. There was none. Maxine was very relaxed, just snuggled up and enjoyed all the kisses and love. But we didn’t want to let go because we felt, that this was not enough. Maxine deserved, as they all deserve, her own home, her own family who hugged and kissed her everyday and told her, how beautiful she was. Her own person, who would take her on hikes, on car rides (Maxine loved car rides), who would snuggle up on a soft pillow with her and rub her belly.

Her own person, who would tell Maxine, how much she was loved. We do our best but we have to split ourselves between all the other dogs too. There are so many Maxines, dogs that are forgotten and unwanted by society. Of course, it starts with the irresponsible, ignorant backyard breeders, who produce these dogs. But from all my years of experience of dealing with them, I know, that it is pointless to have them apply any logic to what they create or to get any compassion out of them. They are heartless, cold monsters. They don’t care. The only way to ever stop them is to punish them. But the government won’t do that. The media won’t get involved because “the are just animals” and it is not politically correct to speak out. What about the tax-payers, who spend millions of dollars each year to pay to euthanize all these unwanted dogs? They don’t seem to care either. But what bothers me too is, that people say, they want to rescue a dog but they really only want to rescue, WHAT THEY want.

Maxine on her last walk with one of her friends

What fits their needs. Why not change your needs and expectations and REALLY rescue a dog. Adopt a dog, who most people don’t want for whatever reason: the dog is black, the dog is old (or middle-aged), the dog is a Pit Bull, the dog is disabled, the dog is behavioral issues). Why not? Why are most people so arrogant, that with all their human faults, they feel they need to get a dog that is perfect? Well, Maxine was perfect to us and none of us can express the pain we felt, when we had to let her go. Maxine died peacefully in our arms, she was actually being kissed and held until she stopped breathing and her heart stopped beating. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER MAXINE! But this story is not only about Maxine. This is about all the dogs, that are sitting in rescue boarding facilities and shelters right now and are waiting to either get adopted or get killed (in the shelters). This is about all the Pit Bulls who die because of ignorance. This breed is one of the most wonderful breeds ever. Even one of our Presidents had a Pit Bull, Petey from Little Rascals was a Pit Bull and there COUNTLESS of examples of wonderful Pit Bulls as family members, even service dogs. We need you, as society, to step up to the plate and stop the breeding and adopt the unwanted! NOW. Don’t wait and let any more Maxine’s happen.

Please consider adoption first. Many innocent dogs are waiting for their forever homes. We have many Pit Bulls and other dogs for adoption. The dogs need you, please don’t look away!

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