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The Magic of Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs

Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs and cats. What are omega fatty acids?

– Fatty acids are specific types of polyunsaturated fats. Two main classes that are of particular importance to our dogs are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are found in fish and certain plants.  Fish oil, such as salmon oil, cod liver oil, and sardine oil, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA). Flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, and soybean oil are rich in Omega-3 too.

Omega-3 fatty acids include:
Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Fatty acids affect a number of body systems and conditions including allergies and autoimmune conditions, arthritis, inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory stomach disease, dull and dry hair coats, yeast infections, atopy and eye disorders.

What are the benefits of Omega fatty acids!
– Fatty acids are necessary for the normal function of many systems of the dog body and not all fatty acids have the same function. We’re highlighting Omega 3 acids, which can not be produced by the dogs body.
  • cardiovascular health
  • reduces inflammation
  • lowers the risk for cancer
  • almost no side effects
  • lessens allergies and autoimmune condition
  • Omega 3 oil is very effective in controlling allergies and skin disease
  • helpful in reducing arthritis
  • helps with dull and dry hair coats
  • good for joints and improves limb strength

Since they cannot be produced in the body, they must be ingested in the form of foods or natural supplements.

I’m feeding Dermapet Eicosaderm to Samson since 6 month and it’s amazing how he improved his walking and he even started to run a little on our morning walks. We believe that the fish oil we’re adding to his food is helping him with his joints, because we didn’t change anything else. I have written a post about Samson’s disease called Cauda Equina. We got fish oil for Lilly at the vet, because she is licking her paws obsessively and started to add to Samson’s as well. It has no side effects. Lilly’s coat is shiny and her skin got much better, but she is still licking. We’ll give homeopathy remedies a try.

Dermapet Eicosaderm liquid is available at I always buy it here because it is much cheaper then the vet. Order your fish oil HERE!

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Christmas is coming. Please, no dogs under the tree!

Dogs as a Xmas gift

A lot of dogs, specially puppies are brought to animal shelters each year after Christmas. But why? First of all, dogs are used as presents for kids or people don’t realize that they are offering a being and not a thing. These two aspects are not the only reasons for dogs brought to animal shelters or local pounds after the Christmas holidays.

I could bet that you had wished at last one time to have a pet. And I’m sure, that there were a lot of you who got a pet as a Christmas gift. The temptation to bring a cute puppy dog home and give it as a gift is strong. Do you think it’s the right time to bring a puppy in your life during the most busiest days of the year?

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Say NO to Puppy mills!

Commercial dog breeding in puppy mills

Puppy mills are just profit orientated commercial dog breeding facilities.  Several different breeds for pet stores are bred  in puppy mills under horrifying conditions. Operators of puppy mills do not pay attention  to health and genetic diseases due to inbreeding. Mass-producing pets for profit is horrible and should be stopped by now! The real victims are the female adults, they have to give birth every single heat cycle and never get out of their cages. Kept outside in small cages, no matter it’s cold, hot or raining. No exercise, no health care, no social contacts. These dogs are inbred and over bred, just to provide the pet stores with new fuel.

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Dog Insurance. YES or NO?

Helps to pay the bills or just a rip-off?

When we moved to Los Angeles last year from Germany we wanted to insure our dogs right away. Both of our dogs were insured in Germany and we just had good experiences with it. It saved us hundreds of Euros every year. After asking around, we realized that to insure your dog is not very common and most of the people feel very uncomfortable just to speak about it. 7 of 10 dog owners didn’t have a insurance.

So, first we didn’t insure the dogs till the day came, when Samson had a blown stomach (stomach twisted) and a surgery bill around 4.000 $.

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Its getting cold – wrap up your dog!

Sweater or not?

We often use: It is raining cats and dogs, especially in autumn and winter.
But what do we do, when it is really raining and freezing outside? Huskies and dogs with a thick fur will love the weather, but how about the dogs with short or almost no fur?
Depending on the breed it makes sense to dress your dog up to keep them warm and comfortable. If you look up dog apparel on the internet, you will get quickly an
overwhelming choice of clothes for dogs.

Before you get a trendy sweater with jewels or a chic rain coat for your best friend, check some of the following aspects:

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How to groom your Dog!

Groom your dog at home!

Tips and tricks to bath, cut nails, clean ears and eyes and brush your dog without hassle. Use this opportunity to bond with your dog, get him used in early age, let your dog have a pleasant experience once a month in his/her familiar surrounding and use it as another source to give attention and affection. Bathing & grooming are essential to a healthy pet. Special breeds have special grooming needs, we try to keep it simple and general.

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Plants. Poison or medicine?

Some plants do help others can kill.

Garden toxins or medicines. Do the garden and backyard check! Flowers, plants and herbs can help you dog or harm your dog. How to know which are good and which are not.

Here are some of my own and my friends experiences listed. Sometimes my Dogue de Bordeaux, Samson, is like a cow. He eats grass and greens in the backyard, he meditates under plants and chills for hours in the grass on the same spot. He taught me that some plants can help dogs to feel better with some health issues.