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UK-based DogCast Radio – Interview with Julie Hill

While maintaining our PackPeople’s Twitter account 1 month ago I found Julie Hill’s profile and thought that this could be a very interesting addition to our interview series.  Julie is the founder of DogCast Radio, a twice monthly radio show all about dogs which first aired in 2005. On her website you can hear the […]

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Helping rescues and shelters evaluate dogs – Interview with Dr. Amy Marder from the Center for Shelter Dogs

Dedicated to improving the welfare of homeless dogs cared for by humane organizations, animal control facilities and rescue groups, the Center for Shelter Dogs is a free program of the Animal Rescue League in Boston and provides expert knowledge through workshops and other educational offerings. Dr. Amy Marder is a Clinical Behaviorist and leads the […]

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We have 6 million chained dogs in the U.S. – Interview with Tamira from Dogs Deserve Better the Pioneer of the anti-chaining movement

Tamira Ci Thayne – The Godmother of Anti-Tethering, a passionate activist and advocate, an author of two books founded Dogs Deserve Better in 2002 to educate people and inform about the issue of chained and penned dogs. She works hard toward appropriate legislation, speaks in front of communities and provides very informative materials on her […]

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Halloween Safety Check for your Pet

We just received these Pet Safety Tips from our veterinarian this week and thought it’s worth it to share with our community of pet lovers and advocates.

Get informed and educated Interviews on services used by 3000+ rescues and shelters – Interview with Richard Saffell is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides services to help the community of Animal Welfare Organizations work more effectively. Many non-profits and animal welfare groups are based on the help of volunteers and donations and are in need of technical support when it comes to their websites and their data management. provides very useful and […]

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Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption Launches Video PSA

Local filmmakers contribute to campaign coinciding with National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption (APRA) ( is a non-profit, volunteer-based, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing dogs and cats into safe and loving homes. APRA has helped over 14,000 dogs and cats find their forever homes since the organization was founded in […]

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Interview with Dogster's Top Dog Ted Rheingold – Helping Dogs and Cats Get Adopted Every Day

Massively popular Dogster ( is a platform for dog lovers, an online community with over one million subscribers, 800,000 pet profiles and two million unique visitors every month. Dogster Inc., the creator of award-winning Dogster as well as its feline counterpart Catster (, offers knowledgeable and trustworthy resources, expert points of view and a vast […]

Adoption Get informed and educated Interviews on Non - Profits Pet Care Shelter Animals

Food, Water, Shelter, Care and Love – Video Interview with Erica from PEP!

PEP! The Pet Education Project was founded in 2009 in Louisiana by Erica Callais. This education and outreach program visits schools and youth organizations to teach the importance of responsible pet ownership and other topics regarding animal and environmental awareness. PEP! also supports pet owners through pet food drives and other projects. PEP! incorporates a variety of […]