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Today is Pit Bull Appreciation Day

Appreciation of a loving home – RED after 3 months. Our new family member Red is still adapting to all the new things in his teenager life. He had a lot of “first-time” moments and has done, mostly, a great job. I’m very glad that we could give him the chance to show what a […]

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Speaking Up for Z

We love this entry from guest blogger Katie Jockers at and Beloved Beasts… very important words about believing in – and speaking up for – pit bulls, animals and the mission to save lives. Thank you, Katie! – Rufino and Yurda [from Katie:] An interesting thing happened last week: I exited the grocery store […]

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Dog food product reviews – Tested by: Samson, Lilly, Red and Ringo

This is part II of “Whole Foods” for Animals – Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. Dog nutrition is a huge topic as well as a giant industry, and even choosing the right treat for your dog is as complicated as choosing the right dog food. I’m not a canine nutrition expert and I just write […]

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Activism, Advocacy and the Choices We Make – Audio interview with Aubrie from Paws 4 Change

We recently had the great fortune of discovering, a highly informative yet personable animal welfare advocacy website that shares a strong, dedicated point of view. Webmaster/creator Aubrie Kavanaugh considers herself an animal welfare advocate armed with a laptop, as evidenced by Paws4Change’s address of many important and useful subjects, selected and compiled thoughtfully and […]

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Missy's story – The girl from the 405 Freeway, L.A.

Picture an off-ramp at the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. What do you normally see there? Bushes, trees, maybe trash, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, paper, cans, bottles, maybe old tires, things tossed out of the cars driving by. This is where beautiful Missy was found over 3 years ago. Missy is a happy, wiggly, kissy dog. […]

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Time to vaccinate? Common Canine Vaccinations

I just checked the vaccination records of Samson and Lilly and I realized that we are still good with rabies till 2012, but have to refresh DHPP and Bordetella soon. In Germany we have these nice blue little vaccination record books for dogs and cats, where all vaccination shots and details about the dogs name, […]

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Gentle Giant Bubba's knees – Please help fundraise for his surgery costs

We need close to $7000 to save Bubba’s life. Fundraising Campaign link:–s-Knee-Surgery Why? Because he is the product of one of the countless backyard breeders in South Central Los Angeles and needs surgery on his knees. Why? Because these backyard breeders sell litter after litter of poorly bred puppies for a couple of hundred […]

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Just do it! Audio interview with Kish from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

4 Luv of Dog Rescue is a 503 (c) non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers and dedicated to rescuing and re-homing dogs in North Dakota. They don’t have a shelter facility; all dogs are in foster homes or are being cared for at local boarding facilities. They also provide a big source of educational information. […]

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Explore the nature with your dog! Audio interview with Monica from

Enjoy the outdoors with your dog! Monica Rua founded in 2010, a new fun and informative website with dog friendly hikes and trails in California. is all about: helping you find wonderful places in California to explore nature with your dog. Many dog – friendly illustrated hikes and trails are listed on […]

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"Whole Foods" for Animals – Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies

Centinela Food & Pet Supplies Website: Twitter: @CentinelaFeed Facebook: Centinela & Feed & Pet Supplies Sunday, 17th of July. After a nice Adoption event with Pacific Coast Dog Rescue dogs on Saturday which we held in front of a pet store, something I never experienced before, I decided to visit this store the next day […]